Session 1: May 5th-June 16th
Cost: $300 per athlete

Session 2: May 17th-July 21st
Cost: $300 per athlete

Sessions 1 & 2: May 5th-July 21st
Cost: $550 per athlete

Covers: Coach Fee, Tank, Ball, Towel
*Previous players with ball will gain a $35 credit



May 3rd at the Apex Sand Box from 6pm-8pm.
Parents expect to fill out paperwork, set up a payment plan and give athlete sizes.

Athletes come out and play in a mini Queen and King of the beach tournament and meet your future training group athletes.

TRAINING GROUPS: (Girls and Boys):

12 & under-Group 1
Training sessions May 5th-May 24th: Monday: 6-7:30pm Thursday:6-7:30pm
Training sessions May 24th-July 21st: Monday/Wednesday 9-10:30 Tuesday/ Thursday: 6-7:30

13 to 14-Group 2
Training sessions May 5th-May 24th:Monday: 6-7:30pm Thursday: 6-7:30pm
Training sessions May 24th-July 21st:Monday/Wednesday 9-10:30 Tuesday/ Thursday: 6-7:30

15 to 18– Group 3
Training sessions May 5th-May 24th: Monday:7:30-9:30pm Thursday: 6-8pm
Training sessions May 24th-July 21st: Monday/Wednesday 8:30am-10:30 Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-9:30 pm

There are available tournaments every Friday night throughout the summer at the Apex Sand Box. Along with our regions sanctioned tournaments in Midland, Amarillo, and Albuquerque. Registration links for each tournament will be posted at beach page. Each player is responsible for registering for their own tournaments of their choosing.


  • 4th Amarillo-12’s 16’s
  • 5th Amarillo– 14’s 18’s
  • 10th Lubbock-Friday Night Lights
  • 11th Albuquerque-all ages
  • 18th-Lubbock 12’s 16’s
  • 19th-Lubbock 14’s 18’s
  • 24th– Lubbock Friday Night Lights


  • June: 1st-Lubbock –All ages
  • 2nd-Albuquerque-All Ages
  • 7th Lubbock-Friday Night Lights
  • 14th Lubbock-Friday Night Lights
  • 15th-Amarillo 12’s 16’s
  • 16th-Amarillo 14’s 18’s
  • 22nd-Lubbock All Ages
  • 23rd Albuquerque-All ages
  • 28th Lubbock -Friday Night Lights
  • 29th-Amarillo 12’s 16’s
  • 30th-Amarillo 14’s 18’s


  • 12th– Lubbock Friday Night Lights
  • 19th– Lubbock Friday Night Lights
  • 20th-Lubbock All Ages
  • 26th–Lubbock Friday Night Lights

    ** Will also post Dallas and Austin tournament dates on our webpage

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